Comparing Merillat and KraftMaid Cabinets: Are They One and the Same?

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Are Merillat and KraftMaid cabinets the same? If you’re in the market for new kitchen cabinets, you may have come across both Merillat and KraftMaid as popular options. But are they truly the same? In this article, we’ll explore the similarities and differences between these two cabinet brands, helping you make an informed decision for your kitchen renovation project. So let’s dive in and find out which one is the perfect fit for your kitchen cabinets needs!

Merillat vs. KraftMaid: What’s the Difference?

Merillat and KraftMaid are two popular brands in the world of kitchen cabinets. Both offer a wide range of options and styles to choose from, but there are some key differences between the two.

Quality: When it comes to quality, both Merillat and KraftMaid are known for their well-built cabinets. However, KraftMaid tends to use higher-grade materials, such as solid wood construction, while Merillat may utilize more economical options like particleboard.

Customization: KraftMaid excels in customization options. They offer a vast array of finishes, door styles, and decorative enhancements, allowing homeowners to create a truly personalized look. Merillat, on the other hand, focuses more on providing a variety of pre-designed cabinet collections that cater to different tastes.

Pricing: Merillat is generally considered more budget-friendly compared to KraftMaid. While both brands offer cabinets at various price points, Merillat typically offers more affordable options, making it a popular choice for homeowners on a tighter budget.

Availability: Merillat cabinets are widely available at home improvement stores and dealerships across the country. In contrast, KraftMaid cabinets are often sold through authorized dealers, requiring customers to visit showrooms or work with designers to purchase their products.

In summary, the main differences between Merillat and KraftMaid lie in their focus on customization, pricing, and availability. While KraftMaid offers extensive customization options and higher-grade materials, Merillat provides more budget-friendly options and wider availability. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on individual preferences, budget, and project requirements.

Frequent Questions

What are the key differences between Merillat and KraftMaid cabinets in terms of quality and design?

Merillat and KraftMaid cabinets are two popular brands of kitchen cabinets that differ in terms of quality and design.


    • Merillat cabinets are known for their solid construction and durability. They are made from high-quality materials, such as solid wood and plywood, which ensure long-lasting performance.
  • On the other hand, KraftMaid cabinets are also known for their solid construction, but they offer a wider range of material options. They provide choices such as hardwood, veneer, and laminate, allowing for more customization possibilities.


    • Merillat cabinets typically have a more classic and traditional design. They offer a variety of door styles, including raised panel and shaker, with a focus on timeless aesthetics.
  • In contrast, KraftMaid cabinets offer a greater variety of design options, catering to both traditional and modern tastes. Their collection includes various door styles, finishes, and decorative enhancements, providing more versatility in creating a personalized kitchen.

In summary, both Merillat and KraftMaid cabinets are known for their quality construction, but they differ in terms of design options. Merillat leans towards traditional styles, while KraftMaid offers a wider range of design choices to suit various preferences.

Are Merillat and KraftMaid cabinets made by the same manufacturer, or do they use different materials and construction methods?

Merillat and KraftMaid cabinets are both well-known brands in the kitchen cabinet industry, but they are actually manufactured by different companies.

Merillat cabinets are made by Masco Cabinetry, which is a division of Masco Corporation. They have been producing cabinets for over 70 years and are known for their affordable, functional designs. Merillat cabinets are typically made with particleboard or plywood construction and feature various door styles and finishes.

KraftMaid cabinets, on the other hand, are manufactured by the KraftMaid Cabinetry division of the Masco Cabinetry family. KraftMaid is known for its semi-custom cabinets, offering more customization options compared to Merillat. They use high-quality materials such as solid wood and plywood for their construction and provide a wide range of door styles, finishes, and organizational accessories.

While both brands are reputable and offer a range of options, it’s important to note that they are produced by separate manufacturers and may vary in terms of materials used and construction methods employed.

Which brand, Merillat or KraftMaid, offers a better selection of styles, finishes, and customization options for kitchen cabinets?

Both Merillat and KraftMaid are reputable brands that offer a wide range of styles, finishes, and customization options for kitchen cabinets. Merillat has been known for its classic and traditional designs, offering a variety of wood options like maple, oak, cherry, and birch. They also have a good selection of finishes such as stained, painted, and glazed.

KraftMaid, on the other hand, offers a more modern and contemporary approach with their designs. They have a vast selection of door styles, including slab, shaker, and raised panel, allowing for more customization options. KraftMaid also offers various finishes like natural wood, painted, and distressed.

In terms of customization options, both brands offer numerous choices. Merillat provides options for custom dimensions, decorative accents, and organizational features. KraftMaid, on the other hand, offers additional customization options such as decorative inserts, glass fronts, and specialty storage solutions.

Ultimately, the choice between Merillat and KraftMaid will depend on individual preferences and the desired style for the kitchen. Both brands offer quality products with a wide selection to choose from.

In conclusion, while Merillat and KraftMaid cabinets share some similarities, they are not the same. Merillat cabinets are known for their affordable options and extensive selection of styles, while KraftMaid cabinets stand out for their customizable features and durable construction. Both brands offer quality kitchen cabinets with various design options, but it ultimately comes down to individual preferences and budget when deciding between them. Whether you prefer the affordability and wide range of choices from Merillat or the customization and durability of KraftMaid, both brands can help transform your kitchen into a functional and stylish space.

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